Lights, Camera, Action! Oscar Night Sweeps Juab High School

And action! Oscar night was full of glamor, glitter, and gowns. The high school’s main area was decorated accordingly with a backdrop for photos and, of course, the red carpet. After students entered the little theater, they began enjoying the array of videos that had been sent in. The featured videos included just about everything from cooking competitions to the office and even naked mole rats. 

Just before intermission, Oscar night history was made. An SBO named Chris rock? No, Zach Saez jokingly started to tease a fellow audience member. Will Smith, I mean, Sebastian Padilla was not going to hear another word of it. Padilla then arose from his seat and stormed over to Saez and slapped him, knocking him to the ground. Some stared in awe, shocked at the nerve Padilla had, and others laughed, realizing that the guys had been recreating the wild event from this year’s Oscars. 

Succeeding the intermission, once everyone voted and settled back into their seats, they anxiously waited for the awards ceremony to begin. First to be announced was the winner of the most oscar worthy outfit, Justin Christensen. Following which, best actress was awarded to Emmalee Willmore for her creative characters in both videos she was featured in. Taylor Newton then received the best actor award for his role as a comical swedish character in a cooking video made by next year’s SBOs. Levi Covington’s video, The Naked Mole Rat Documentary, won the cringiest video, as expected due to its randomness.  

Last but not least, the overall winner of Oscar night was, drumroll please, The SBO’s! In this video created by the student body officers, they each portrayed characters from The Office as they planned a birthday party for Mrs. Allsen. It was a crowd favorite from the beginning and was sure to win something. 

And so, we wrap up yet another Oscar Night activity and now anticipate next year’s while looking forward to more fun and cringy videos to come. And Scene!