Books Versus Movies

Avid reads know very well that books are always better than movies. It’s hard to compete with a book though, a movie shows the outer character, scene, and more. A book will show you the thoughts of characters, take you on a longer adventure and you can imagine the world in your own mind. There are some stories that are similar to one another, for example: The City of Ember. This is a movie based off of a book, and this story has had more similarities and “to the line” I have seen than any other book or movie. We get to see inside the character’s heads, which makes books a bit more enjoyable. Movies, you see them on the outside.

For bigger movies and books, like: The Hobbit, not many people are willing to dedicate their whole life to live it cover to cover and make a movie out of it. I would love to see that more than anything, but we can all hope. The audio is over 11 hours long, so having to take what they can from the book and make it into a movie, I’m sure everyone salutes you for this and what you have done.

In conclusion, books are better for the long run, but movies show you what creators see in their heads. There can be a book and movie of the same thing, but liked separately. We really appreciate the time and effort gone into making both, so we say thanks!