What a Date to Create!

       In the month of March, Juab schools had the “Date to Create!” We hosted lots of fun activities for students. Nebo View Elementary and Red Cliffs Elementary even participated in this fun art month.

       At Red Cliffs, they wrote pourquoi stories. Pourquoi means “why” in French. A why story can answer questions like, “why snakes don’t have legs” or “why a Tiger has stripes.” In this case, the students researched and wrote stories about frogs. For their opportunity to create, they made a mural of frog covers and illustrations for the stories they wrote, along with 3D invitations.

       Nebo View Elementary played the surrealist art game. They also learned how to mix primary colors on tiles, using black and white to mix in the colors. The 3rd graders at Nebo added science into their art, mixing baking soda and vinegar into their paints for St. Patrick’s Day projects. The students also participated in a scavenger hunt called “Art is Everywhere.”

       The high school’s “Date to Create” started on March 17th with a quick draw contest. The students had to draw a leprechaun in just one minute! Congratulations to our overall winner Maggie Steed! 

     JHS art students hosted lunchtime activities over the month. Some of these fun activities included Hailey Butts and Enoch Dye drawing hilarious caricature drawings of students, playing a celebrity matchup with drawings, a tag-team game, another quick draw contest, and a pop photo booth with a background of pop art. 

     Our top winners of these contests were Justin Allred and Jaida Sperry. Students had the opportunity to sign up for a “Balloon Release for Peace” on Friday.

     Earlier in the month of March, our art class went on a field trip to the studios of renowned artists Casey Childs and J. Kirk Richards. Both artists sell works across the nation and have done extensive work for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Then they visited the Springville art museum and saw Juab Art Sterling Scholar winner Tessaundra Astle’s winning art piece was on display. 

     The month of the Date to Create was so fun and very educational – not just for art students, but for all students at Juab County’s high school and elementary schools.