Breaking News: Juab High Student Proves Betty White is Not Dead

Tragedy struck on December 31, 2021 when Betty White was pronounced dead, two weeks before her 100th birthday. New years celebrations continued as usual but sadness still lingered in the minds of her fans and family. This sorrow will not last long due to the recent discovery, by Holly Marchant, that Betty White is not dead. 

On this morning of April 2022, Holly Marchant, a freshman at Juab High School, was visiting LA for spring break. She walked into a small sandwich shop and was surprised to see a Betty White look-alike sitting at a table. The doppelganger turned to leave and accidentally knocked her drink off of the table. Marchant then rushed over to help the woman only to discover that it was no look-alike, she was Betty White herself. Marchant notified the proper authorities and they confirmed that Betty White is in fact still alive. 

Following these events, Marchant and White were escorted to White’s estate where they snagged a quick picture together (this very quality picture is included above). Her family and friends are now being notified of this information and it will soon reach more news sources. 

(Contributing author: Rebecca Marchant)