How Gas Prices are Affecting High School Students

You might be wondering “How did $3.19 per gallon become $4.65 per gallon?” The U.S. could lead out new sanctions that might restrict Russia’s ability to export oil and gas resources. Infact, Russia has one of the largest oil and gas exports in the world. Gas prices have jumped 0.45 cents per gallon in the past week and have quickly escalated. These prices are going to increase as the conflict in Russia and Ukraine increases.

How are these prices going to affect the average high school student? It’s not only high school students that are being affected by high gas prices. School bus drivers are also concerned about the rising prices. “We are anticipating spending about 40% more on our diesel than we had planned.” Said Tracey Carson, a bus driver in Mason City School. 

High school students can have a major impact by driving from school, to work and home. Not to mention when we want to hang out with our friends, there’s even more gas. Moreover, high schoolers can only work for 5-6 hours a day. Most of us are getting paid minimum wage where $7.25 doesn’t really matter compared to filling your car for $55 per week. 

Paying high gas prices per week is going to affect everyone and high school students are going to be impacted more because of minimum wage and shorter working hours from school.