And just like that it’s over

I am a Senior athlete that doesn’t plan on continuing their sport after high school. So that’s fun. It’s a lot. Tons of emotions all the time.

I, like many other high school athletes, have dedicated the last 16 years of my life to my sport. Just for it all to come down to about a total of 7 minutes. Every practice, every lecture, every injury, everything comes down to 7 minutes. The constant thought of what if I mess up, what if it wasn’t good enough, we should have practiced one more time, we’re not ready yet, and so on. 

         It’s been a couple weeks since that 7 minutes has been over; which is a very weird feeling. It’s just done. We’re getting ready for our end of year showcase which will probably be my last time dancing ever. After talking to a couple of the other senior dancers I found that we are all in agreement. We are so proud of what we did and everything was worth it for those 7 minutes, but also we’re ready to be done. We put in our four years and we are ready for the next chapter of our lives. Some might end up dancing again, but for the most part this is just the end of this small chapter of our lives. 

We have now experienced the feelings of the time went by too fast, that it was a lot of work for a single moment, what happens now, and other conflicting questions. We have all decided on our plans for the future and will be moving on to the next chapter after graduation in May. It seems like the end of the world for a moment after it happens. Because that one moment is what all of your work was for. All your work was still worth it, even if it didn’t end like you wanted it to. It gave us all something to work towards. Now for whatever comes next…