College Homework Waits For Nobody

High school and college are very demanding. College needs the assignment done like day after it’s assigned, that day is also a test for a high school class, maybe dance or a sport after school, maybe even working. College doesn’t care, high school will let you get away with a day late assignment. The bigger and more important schools grade based on how soon you can get something turned in versus a public high school-which really teaches you to get it done eventually.

High school has it’s strict teachers who won’t accept late work. When a teacher like that hands out an assignments due within the next two days, it makes it hard to get the college work done as well. It’s not knowing which to prioritize. As a student doing both college and high school, I have some advise: do the college first, and if you have something big due for another class, make sure you can talk to a teacher about it and see if they can give you an extension of time or have them help you out with it. It makes life so much easier when you get things to work.

College homework doesn’t care what you are doing or when, if there is something to work on, you have to get it done or your grade will be gone. Make sure you prioritize what you are doing and when. If you have to take a day off of work to get things done, do it. You’ll thank yourself later. Get things done within the first few days they are assigned, this will help with some mental clarity and help you feel more accomplished.