Juab High is on Fire… Literally 

It all started as an average day at Juab High School. All was calm as students sat quietly in their classrooms while teachers took roll. Classes were abruptly interrupted by the sounds of fire alarms echoing throughout the halls. Students and teachers grabbed their belongings and rushed outside. A long wait in the cold weather made it clear that this drill was not a drill. 

A fire truck soon pulled up to the school. Firemen rushed inside to find the source of the fire. They quickly put out the flame and made sure that the building was safe for everyone to return. The secretary then announced that students could go back to their classes. This announcement brought a lot of confusion for those who were in the seminary and vocational buildings since they had been in class the whole time. They had to assume that there was some sort of harmless fire drill or that someone accidentally pulled the fire alarm. 

As the day went on, the students slowly started to notice that there was one less vending machine. Based on what had happened earlier, they were able to put the puzzle pieces together; our beloved drink machine had started on fire. After the fireman stopped the fire, they disposed of the machine. So the school now has one less option for drinks. 

In the end, we are glad that no damage was done to the school and everyone stayed safe. However, now we are left to question: will we ever get a new vending machine? Only time will tell.