Ranking Historical World Leaders in Anticipation of WWIII

No doubt you’ve heard about Russia poking their hammer and sickle a little too close to a certain country, and no doubt there’s certainly some tension because of that, because of this situation, I have taken it upon myself to think about all of the ridiculous and great people throughout history who have caused and been affected by situations like this one. That’s right, I’m talking about historical (one fictional and one potential) world leaders, and raking them in a tier system.

Before we start it’s important to note that you may disagree with me and that’s perfectly fine, tier lists are often quite personal and can vary from person to person

Because people are so diverse I decided to do two lists of the same people, each based off of different criteria, This first tier is based off of them as a person, their morals, and how they affected the world

This second list is based off of their actual ability to lead, how well they could lead troops and rally their peoples

Here’s a list of everyone in this list in case there’s someone you don’t recognize

George Washington

Abraham Lincoln

Theodore Roosevelt

James Dean (fictional world leader)

Alexander the great

Mahatma Gandhi

King Amenhotep III

Nelson Mandela

Ronald Regan

Winston Churchill

Ernesto “Che” Guevara

Joe Biden

Julius Caesar

Kanye West (potential president)


Genghis Khan

Mao Zedong

Xi Jin Ping

Vladimir Putin

Joseph Stalin

Benito Mussolini

Adolf Hitler

Hideki Tojo

Kim Jong Un