Hercules and Elon Musk

Hercules is a widely known story, almost as well known as Elon Musk, the richest man in the world. These two men have gone through trials that others have not, had downfalls, and successes. Hercules has themes of: strength, determination, and skill, the meaning of this is that he never gave up, no matter how hard things got. Elon Musk is, “My modern day Hercules.” As quoted by dad.

Hercules was called, “The greatest hero of Greece,” while Elon is called, “Genius” or by his new nickname, “Technoking”. It is clear to see that most people hold these guys high. When Elon was talked down to by his idol, Neil Armstrong, he continued to create and work with what he had to build up something great. Hercules on the other hand, He went through every trial after his incident so he could make up for what happened. They both went through thick and thin to succeed in the end.

In one of Hercules’ tasks, slaying the hydra, once one head was cut off, two more sprouted in its place. Just like Elon had to deal with. He heard one bad thing and shoved it down, then two more came up and tried to bring him down. This is where determination comes into play. They still went through with all of the tasks they were given, no matter how hard it got. They used their skills and won in the end. Elon may not be physically strong, but he sure does have the strength to do what others have not. He has managed to keep himself up and still going, just like Hercules.

Looking at the things they have done, the meaning has more of an impact on readers and people who understand their stories. The ‘real life Hercules’ Has gone through modern day tasks like the Greek Myth Hercules. They have both been brought down so they can get back up again. Only one is still alive and is continuing to pursue his dreams and works.

 Elon and Hercules are bull-headed men who will do what they put their minds to. It’s almost hard to keep up with them because of how much they are constantly doing. These are great men in history that most people can relate to and look up to.