How to Woo a Girl on Valentines day

Valentine’s day is hard for most guys, but there are some who are just perfect…   lucky. This article is for the guys who are actually human, so here’s some advice that I’ve gathered from a few girls so you don’t have to. It’s not as hard as I thought; it’s pretty simple actually. Girls dont want the world, they want to be your world. This is the day you get to show them that, and if you have no idea how to then here’s three ideas.  

  1. Beginner

Show up to her house and give her flowers and chocolate when you pick her up, but make sure it isn’t the cheap chocolate they tend not to like it. A fancy dinner date (in your budget) is next. Make sure you get to know her while you’re there. The last touch is to cuddle or go look at something that is beautiful about this world. 

  1. Intermediate 

You should know her favorite flowers and chocolate, but don’t forget to get the good kind of chocolate. Bring a bag full of ingredients to make something together. Put on her favorite movie to watch while you eat the food you made. After that take her to your favorite place in the whole entire world. Make sure to do something cheesy (but not too cheesy) to show that you appreciate her. Then take her home or take her out if she’s hungry again, but still go fancy if you can.

  1. Professional 

Show up to her house to pick her up. Give her an arrangement of her favorite flowers and a box of top notch chocolate. Don’t forget a bag full of ingredients to make some food. After the food is made, pack it up and take her to a really beautiful place. That’s when you surprise her with a picnic. It’s cheesy but absolutely amazing. Then go back to her place (or go to the movie theater) to watch a movie and cuddle with her. Now, for the grand finale. Create something, like a note or a gift, that has meaning to show her you appreciate her. Make her feel like she is the only girl in the world. 

These three ideas are just, well, ideas. Make Valentine’s a day she would like, no more or no less. If she doesn’t like flowers then get her chocolate. If she doesn’t like chocolate then get her flowers. Don’t get her either if she doesn’t like them. In order to make it the best holiday ever you do need to get some information. That’s the key to making this day perfect. It’s not that hard, you got this, just don’t overthink it. At the end of the day she’s your Valentine, you’ll know what to do.