Juab High Needs More Parking!

There is a new build that is clear to see. It’s called, “The Hive” as in the featured image. Now why do we need a building to take up more space when we have that in both Junior High and High school? It will give students more access to sports and things, but why do we have it there?

Why do we have a new building where we could be parking instead? This new building could be a parking lot instead, gifting the high schoolers with more space. We literally have an instagram account showing how bad people park. When people park terribly, it makes less space for us who actually need to find a place.

Juab could benefit from a new parking lot, we have more students than teachers. We need more people that work in the Jr. High to park in that parking lot, even workers to park down there. We need more parking and everyone who drives, can’t find parking, and are late can all agree that parking is a pain to find.

Instagram: jhs.cant.park