College Now or College Later?

It’s now the second semester of school, that’s a good thing because summer is closer. On the other hand it can be a stressful time for some students. From a juniors perspective, it’s very stressful. 

When I say it’s stressful I mean by colleges coming to visit showing you your options. Well now I know what colleges exist but I don’t know what I want to do with my life. This can be stressful because you feel pressured to choose the right college and the right career in order to be successful. 

Well, that’s not true. It might come as a shocker but you don’t have to go to college right after high school! In fact, you can travel if you want to, you can find a job that you really like without needing a college degree. You can do anything after high school. 

So don’t feel stressed out about what college is right for you and what career is the right one for the rest of your life. Take time and find you through anything you want to do, just know that you have options.