Writing Club Starting Up at Juab High School

Juab’s new writing club is holding its first meeting on Friday, February 4 after school in Mrs. Settle’s room. The meeting will start around 1:15. Since it is the first meeting, the club will be establishing leadership rules and welcoming members. Everyone is welcome at the writing club. There is no set membership in the writing club so feel free to start dropping in at meetings whenever you feel like it.

       So, what will happen in the writing club?  

The writing club will try to hold weekly meetings in Mrs. Settle’s room on Friday’s. This club meetings will be an opportunity for students to share ideas, and sometimes snacks, with each other. Students discuss writing elements like plots, settings, and characters. The club will give people time to write and read. The club leaders will try to have 2 to 4 writing prompts each week. Writers can choose to use one of the prompts, take inspiration from them, or completely ignore them. 

     Everyone is invited to come. So come join our writing club!