Some Emotional Advice From an Emotional Boy

Now most people know that teenage life is painful for so many stupid reasons, it’s a bunch of up and down, if anything good thing happens, it’s always matched by something that’s not so much. The real cycle of life is when the big man upstairs decides to send a brave warrior disguised as a homeless man to stab me in the back and steal my car just after winning the one and only patty wagon and making off with my children that are still in the car 

It’s not unlikely that you yourself are currently going through something that is just, smashing all of the joy out of your soul, and making it impossible to just enjoy anything, and I’m here to say that I am too.

     Now, balancing emotions with the rest of life is never fun and definitely not easy, especially in your mid to late teenage years when you’re less experienced in, well, everything. But the biggest issue I see with other people and even myself is a lack of knowledge on the subject, such as how it’s caused, what’s okay to feel, how to deal with it and so on.

     It’s important to talk about what’s okay to feel and when. Saying that aloud might not make much sense, so allow me to explain.

     Oftentimes we, as people, have very different reactions to one thing, for instance, one person may think toad stacking is a therapeutic wonderful experience, while others see it as a horrific satanic ritual.

     furthermore we may judge each other and even ourselves on those reactions, to the point where we wonder if the person in question is normal or not, and it’s this social aspect that makes us think if we’re wrong for feeling the way we do, and I’m going to tell you this great free advice right now.

     Never should you ever feel wrong for feeling the way you do, opinions and emotions are such a massive part of being a human that denying it or saying someone is wrong for feeling a certain way, is just flat out wrong. 

     Now obviously there are exceptions to this, like if this way of thinking is hurting people, or something similar but that can be said about most things.

Overall you should never let people tell you how to feel or how to act, at the end of the day this is America, and no one can make you do anything, really you should never even let them tell you what to do, especially not how to feel.