Answers from Hugo

Do you have any tips on college? TIA ~looking ahead
TIA~Looking ahead, its awesome your looking ahead. I’d see where your strength’s are and continue building up. Ask your counselor about scholarships and / or grants.

I am obsessed with a Kpop group. I know it isn’t healthy but this group is the only thing that seems to make me happy this days. What should I do? Obsessed Kpop fan.

non Mr. or Miss Obsessed Kpop fan, Whats wrong with loving something that makes you happy? Everyone’s a little crazy about something they would keep surviving for in this world. Keep being you.

Hey Hugo. So I had a crush on this girl. I thought I had gotten over her but now I have a class with her and realized I am definitely not over her. I haven’t told anyone about it yet. Please help me. Trapped in a crush.
You have a crush on a girl? Does she know you like her? Mr.Trapped in a crush, What if this said girl liked you back and she was just shy to say something? Sometimes there’s this huge gap that the other person feels and so they act like they hate you or get annoyed. Or just don’t talk to you because you don’t seem interested. Try talking to her or just go up to her and say “hey I like you but you didn’t catch my hints then walk away.” you’ll feel better and she will know. Girls can’t always be the bold ones.

Why do girls hate me lol -Ben Nordgren

Dear Ben Nordgren, I cant answer that. i have no idea. Maybe its the way you act or are?

I have friend who was with me all the time last year but now doesn’t talk to me or even acknowledge me. What do I do? ~Mourning

All last year and they act like you don’t exist… Mourning have you tried talking to them? See why they just stopped talking. You will never know if you lost a good friend or just a random person in your life.

Why can’t I get over someone who treated me very terribly?

The heart wants what it wants, even if its not right and its hard. sincerely Hugo.

I have a crush on this really pretty girl but I know she likes boys. Should I still tell her about my feelings for her. – Stressed & in love Oh, I’m a girl by the way.
Miss. Stressed & in love, oh thats really tough. if you really really like her then go for it, you’ll never know when you’ll get another chance. Encouraging you all the way; Hugo.

Is zero a number

zero is more of a add on or spin off

What’s your name?
Its Ask Hugo

Whose ur crush?

Just a regular person that shines to me.

What is the oldest trophy out of all of them?

It took my four days to get that info but the oldest is 1931 we won on basketball.

How do I stop thinking of her? – Ziggy
Ziggy, lingering feelings will never go until you decide to let go. When you see her you think of her you wonder things like; hows she doing, what’s she doing, is she okay, has she forgot me? You need to work on not thinking of her and distract yourself with something else.

I’ve been think of get a pet. What would you recommend? Sincerely, pet search

Dear pet search, get a husky you’ll never feel lonely they are energetic and fluffy medium size dogs they get dramatic. If you want a lazy animal get a fat cat they just lay around and eat.

I’m a senior. Only 3 more months, and I’ll be graduating. I have a dilemma. I was super excited for the end of the school year because i FINALLY knew what I wanted to do after high school. I wanted to join a military branch, specifically the Navy. I scored very high on the entrance exam, and I was really looking forward to bettering certain aspects of myself, through joining. But now, I feel like I shouldn’t. I can’t swim, and the Army seems to have more benefits that fit my situation. After rethinking about the Navy, I started to believe I shouldn’t join the military at all. Do you believe the fact that I’m rethinking a lot means I’m not ready for this decision. Also, college life doesn’t sound as fun to me as the military does. Then again, I haven’t experienced either lifestyles yet. – Pandemonium

Pandemonium, when you live life you make up the way you live everyday. Right now your trying to figure out whats what and that’s good but don’t stress because when you stress you make rash decisions and they tend to not work. Live life a little more and then if you still want to do the navy or even the military then you know if you want to. Mess around and enjoy your youth a little. Live life freely Sincerely Hugo.

Who are you

I am Ask Hugo. Who are you?

Why do my parents always fight loudly/abuse each other at night?

Sometimes parents get to involved in there love lives they can’t see the bad in there partner. They don’t communicate very well and that makes it harder to not fight because they said something and the other said something else and it crashes. There’s not really much you can do about that. I’m sorry, once your out you’ll be free.