How to make the best out of a bad situation

Brought to you by me, the Car Crash Queen

Just to put this out there to begin with, I am the biggest car accident magnet EVER! I’ve been in five car accidents. I have only been at fault for the very first one and that is the one that did the least amount of damage. Kind of lame if you ask me. Now to rank my five car accidents from least exciting to most exciting, A.K.A the funnest story to tell. 

5. Tire

In fifth place we have the tire. This was the second car accident I was in. Now to explain this more I was driving my oldest brother’s car to go get the mail and I was on my way home. That’s when all of a sudden the car wouldn’t go anymore and I knew something had to be wrong. I started bawling, called my mom and told her where I was (literally a block away). I figured out that the front driver’s side tire just fell off (that’s not supposed to happen if you were wondering). My other brother had rotated the tires earlier that day and didn’t tighten them enough. It ended up bending up the entire fender and we had to get that replaced. However, that was the only damage.

4. Back-up 

In fourth place we have my reversing mishap. This was the very first car accident I was in. To explain this one further this was one of my first times driving and it was completely my fault. I went to the gas station with my brother to get my dad a drink. Life was great the whole way there and back… until we got to the house. That’s when my brother decided I was a professional driver or something. He told me to park it like he usually does, which required reversing up our very steep driveway. I told him right then and there that it wasn’t a good idea. Safe to say I was right. I was reversing and I was getting close to my mom’s car when I panicked, lifting my foot off both pedals. I ended up doing some pretty good damage to the passenger door on my mom’s car. We just ended up popping the door out so the damages weren’t too bad. 

3. Truck

In third we have the truck. A white Dodge Ram to be specific. This one was very clearly not my fault. With this one there’s not much of a story to tell. I was just driving on main street heading north to go to Mona. Then this truck turning left onto main street started moving forward. I only had a second to react since I was going 40 MPH straight. I slammed on the brakes and braced for impact. I knew I was going to hit him; it was just a matter of how fast and where. Most people’s first reaction would be to swerve, but I had a car to the right of me and I would’ve risked hitting oncoming traffic. This was the only car accident that I’ve had someone in the car with me. Damage on this one didn’t seem too bad to the untrained eye, just a busted headlight and a buckled fender. We took it to the mechanic and found out that it was definitely totaled, but luckily since it was the other guy’s fault his insurance had to pay for it. Different from the other two wrecks, this one physically hurt more than just the car. I pulled 5 muscles and dislocated 2 ribs, the passenger in my car also pulled a couple muscles. 

2. Deer

In second we have the deer. I took it upon myself to name him Fred. This is the most recent car accident I have been in. I am technically at fault since I was driving, but there weren’t really any other options at that point. I had just got done with the orientation for my college and I was driving on the old highway heading to Nephi to go to the basketball game. There was a truck behind me riding really close so that had me stressed out. Not to mention one of the cars in oncoming traffic had their brights on, resulting in me not being able to see. All I can really remember is seeing Fred (the deer) running across the road, not stopping to do the whole deer in the headlights thing, just a full sprint. I slammed on the brakes and braced. I hit the back of him, spinning my car in a circle off the road. I immediately called my mom and without me getting out of the car… I knew. Based on how big that deer was and how hard I hit him, the car was totaled. We instantly knew we couldn’t save this car, but this wreck was different then the rest. I had gotten the car 24 hours before wrecking it. TWENTY FOUR HOURS! Barely a full day. I only got to drive it 3 times. 

1. Somersault  

And finally in first place we have………. The somersault (A.K.A. the front flip). This is everyone’s favorite story because it’s really a one of a kind experience. You all hear about the car accidents where they roll their car and that’s already bad enough. Usually when a car rolls it  rolls sideways because physics. I, on the other hand, rolled my car end over end. A complete somersault. Not only that but the whole accident is a blank. No one watched it happen and I was passed out the entire time. That would be the reason why I wrecked. I’ve had problems with passing out before, but it’s only ever been when I was standing or doing something active, making it so the blood can’t get to my head fast enough, thus resulting in blacking out. Then on March 19, 2021 my life was changed forever. I was driving to drill like I do every morning listening to “Drivers License” by Olivia Rod (like every basic teenage girl at that point) when everything went black. I didn’t remember anything that had just happened. When I woke up I took a deep breath, saw my shattered windshield, realized what happened, put the car in park and turned it off. At that point I didn’t know much. All I knew was that I passed out and wrecked my car. I used my apple watch to find my phone that was launched in between the crushed windshield and the dashboard, called my mom, then had to call 911. Having there be an ambulance, two fire trucks, and 7 cop cars/trucks is really scary when you’re already shaken up. (I still asked if I could go to drill while in the ambulance).

The biggest damage done by any of these is the PTSD it left behind. I have a really hard time mentally every time I drive. I can visually see every accident when I’m driving and I get really scared. Usually I have to pull over before I continue to drive. Being in a lot of car accidents has also taught me a lot though. I know exactly what to do. I first call my mom, and while she’s on her way I call 911 if necessary. Then the police come and they will need your license registration and proof of insurance. They’ll also ask what happened and if you’re okay. A big thing for me was panicking because I was worried that my parents would be upset, and they might seem upset. However, just remember that a car can be replaced. You can’t. They’re just glad you’re alive. I am a prime example that your airbags might not work (mine never did) and seatbelts save lives. So please, always be careful when driving. 

!CAUTION! The actions performed in this article are performed by professionals. Do NOT try any of these stunts at home!!!!!