Things I Do Every Weekend

One thing Trista does every weekend is wake up and check her phone, then she’ll go back to bed for about another hour. Sooner or later Trista gets out of bed and starts her off by getting in the hot shower before going to work. 

Trista works once a week due to playing basketball. She’ll eat lunch then in 2 hours she will be out the door heading to work; before walking into work she always checks to see who she is going to be working with, because she doesn’t like a couple of people that work at the Nebo Market. 

Although Trista has a hard time working with different people she always finds a way to talk and be nice to them. She is always meeting new friendly faced people which most of them are really nice.

However, the store is about to close, some people will come in with only 10-15 minutes leave till they close because they forget the last minute. As time goes by the store is closed, Trista is counting money that was left over in her till. They’re walking out to their vehicles to start heading home but Trista usually never goes home after work; she’s either diving to her boyfriends or best friends house to hangout for two hours before she goes home. 

Finally, she’s walking into her house to grad a snap before she goes to brush her teeth and heads to bed. Then she’ll repeat this next week.