Go Discover The Most Enjoyable Shop in Town

Have you heard about the best way to start your day in Nephi? Well, let me tell you about it. The place is called the Haven Coffee House. It’s just one block past the light going south (65 S Main St, Nephi, UT 84648). The shop is a great place to be, it has a peaceful feeling and plenty of games to play. Not to mention the really great people running the place. 

I’ve gone every morning on B days ever since I’ve learned about the coffee shop. I can definitely say I’m a regular there. My friends and I, who are there every morning, play some card games or board games every time. We play chess, checkers, go fish, reverse go fish, slap jack, put a puzzle together, and so on. Basically there’s always something to do; whether it’s talking with people or playing games. Most of the time it’s both of them. Did I mention there’s a nice balcony? Fit with a cool rustic-feeling river right on the side, a water wheel, and bridge down below. It also has a grass park right next to it. 

The Haven Coffee House doesn’t just have amazing drinks and a bite to eat. It’s also a place to be with friends and family, you may even meet someone new. All in all it’s a great place to check out and I would definitely recommend doing so.