Definitely Winter but the Break is Questionable

Winter sports have the struggle of not getting a real Christmas break

Winter break is something everyone in school looks forward to. Students and teachers count down and the parents start to worry because now they have to deal with their kids everyday all day. 

Unlike most teenagers, students that are a part of winter sports start to mentally prepare themselves for the intense practices. Drill team has practices every morning for at least three hours six days a week. Wrestling continued practicing everyday except for their moratorium of course ;). Cheer had a couple of practices throughout the break but all of the sports will agree that those are the most intense practices. 

I personally am on the drill team and I know we change almost all of our routines to better prepare ourselves for competition. Winter break ends up in the middle of our season and it might seem annoying to continue practices but those practices can make or break our season. Every year kids debate whether the break was too long or not long enough, but if you ask a winter athlete there wasn’t a break to begin with. That break also helps our team bond together as a whole which can make the rest of our season so much easier in the long run. Sometimes I wish we got more of a break during our Christmas break, but practices only consume a small part of the day. You still have the chance to go have fun with your friends and family. One day the early mornings, and sore muscles won’t even matter and odds are none of us will even remember it.