A Writing Club Might be Coming to Juab High School

A Writing Club may be coming to Juab High School. If you are interested in joining a writing club we invite you to take this quick survey to help get this club on its feet. 

Writing Club Survey: https://forms.gle/Errjq6iP4J2ccgev9

When will the writing club start?

  • We hope to start the writing club by late January or early February.
  • The official start date is yet to be determined. The first meeting date will decide once the survey above receives enough responses.

Who will be over the writing club?

  • The positions of President and Vice President(s) are still open. 
  • If you are interested in being a candidate for either position please respond to the survey or email haylie.winn@m.juabsd.org 

Where will the writing club be?

  • It will be held in Mrs. Settle’s room after school.

     If you have any further questions or concerns please email them to haylie.winn@m.Juabsd.org