What’s the Worst Month and Why is it January?

It’s the new year once again. Everyone is making resolutions they don’t intend to keep, enjoying their Christmas gifts, and preparing for the months to come. There’s only one thing that can get in their way – January. Compared to all the other months, January is sub par at best. It’s just plain boring.

You have three months of wonderful holidays. October has all the scary costumes and delicious treats, what’s not to like? November is a time for family, friends, and shopping. Not to mention the insanely good food. Then there’s December. The month is all about Christmas cheer, winter wonderlands, and giving (or getting) gifts. You have all these celebrations back-to-back and what does January have? Nothing. It’s a colorless, uneventful month with false promises and grey skies.

No one likes the cold. The only time it’s acceptable is when it magically snows on Christmas. Even then it’s on thin ice. When all the holiday lights are gone you’re left with dirty snow and thick fog. Everything becomes a black and white movie the second January begins. You can literally feel the color being sucked out of the world. 

There isn’t a single person on this planet who enjoys January. If you do, you’re lying to yourself. The first month of the year always brings about a certain feeling. It’s as if the world itself slows down, filling you with a deep sense of melancholy. Sometimes January is a rough month to get through, but all you need to do is appreciate the little things. Oftentimes it’s the smallest stuff that makes the biggest difference.