Should You Ditch Classes at Juab High School?

A common difficulty Juab High School faces is its students skipping classes. Whether it was just a few times or almost everyday, a majority of students have skipped a class before. Is skipping classes okay though?

           Students skip class for many reasons. Maybe the class is boring or unproductive. Maybe the students just don’t like the teacher, the subject being taught, or other students in the class. Maybe students want to do something else or just don’t want to get up to go to school. All of these reasons are understandable.

         However, despite students having their reasons, skipping class is still not a good thing. By skipping class students miss important lessons and assignments that might have helped them. They get behind and have to do all their work at the end of the term. Skipping things will also become a habit that might negatively affect your future schooling and jobs.