Good places to do Snow Drifting

For all the drivers in high school, one of the best things to do in your free time during the break (or anytime after the break) is to go snow drifting. You always need to make sure that there is snow, enough room, and grip on your car or truck. Some of the easiest places to do snow drifting are school parking lots, (just watch out for the light poles) over behind Wendy’s, church parking lots, and the fairgrounds. If you’re in an automatic, just apply pressure to the gas until you start to fishtail then turn the wheel in the direction you desire to slide. Fishtailing is when the back end of the car or truck starts to turn to either side.   

          One thing to worry about with snow drifting is gas. Of course you use gas to get the vehicle to the location, then it takes more gas to make it slide because you’re putting more pressure on the gas pedal. If you get stuck in snow, you better hope you have four wheel drive to get out. If you don’t have four wheel drive hopefully someone will be able to pull you out. The best time to do drifting in the snow is early afternoon but not at night when it’s cold. If there’s a puddle of water and it splashes on the windshield it freezes over quickly.

So when there’s a snowstorm, be ready to get out and get drifting.