5 Asian Countries Beautiful New Year Celebrations

  1. China: Chinese New Year or Spring Festival is a huge holiday. It is held in February and celebrates the beginning of the new calendar year. The celebration starts with a battle against a mythical beast named Nian. People decorate their homes with red and shoot off firecrackers to scare the Nian off. They will then hold a parade. Afterwards they eat celebratory dishes and exchange money for good luck.
  1. Korea: Since Korea follows the same lunisolar calendar as China, their New Year, known as Seollal, is also celebrated in February. New Years is an important festival in Korea. It is tradition to wear hanbok, a traditional style of Korean clothing, and gather for a prayer to their ancestors. Afterwards, they have a meal of classic Korean foods and give eachother New Years money.
  1. Thailand: Thai New Year, or Songkran, is in April and is held as a three day celebration. The first day a huge water fight is held. The water is ment to wash away bad luck. The second day is about family. They stay home and pass the time with loved ones. The third day people will go to Buddhist monasteries.
  1. Tibet: For New Years, Tibetans make dumpling soup from symbolic ingredients. After they eat people will run around with firecrackers and torches to scare away the evil demon and spirits. They will also hang colorful prayer-flags. 
  1. Vietnam: Tet or Vietnamese New Year is held in February. It was brought to Vietnam from China so there are many similarities. They will eat traditional foods like bánh chung (a rice cake filled with beans and pork) and mang (bamboo shoot soup). Some will bring flowering peach trees to fill their homes.