Ask Hugo

Hello. I often keep to myself but lately I have been wanting to get attention from my friends. I know wanting attention from them is self centered of me. Do you know of any ways to get rid of the want for attention? Sincerely, selfish attention seeker.

Wanting attention is not a bad thing. You call yourself selfish attention seeker. Why is wanting some affection a bad thing. Being clingy is a little different than wanting attention. Just say you want some affection. Your friendly advice column Hugo

Hey Hugo, long time no see. I’ve got yet another problem. There are three girls that like me and one of them is already out of the picture because she is rude. The other two are good friends so I don’t want to ruin anything between them. One girl is also a little mean but I like the things that we both relate to. The other girl has a hard life, dealing with rude siblings an a parent, she has constant breakdowns and I don’t want to leave her. But I love her personality, she is very funny and loving. The thing is I think I like them all for different things. I also like this other girl but I’m not sure if she likes me back.

Dude that’s like a spiderweb of love. Who makes you feel like you. You like them for all different reasons well be honest there is one of the four that you like more than others. Go up to her and confess you like. You only live once know ones going to remember you. From Hugo.

Where did you get your name? -stalker

Dear Stalker, Hugo is German for brain. I just looked up words for things that know random things.

I’m kind of worried about my friend. Most of the time they’re happy and fun but sometimes they’ll pull their hood up and refuse to talk. I’m worried the happiness is all fake and I want to help them before they do something but I don’t know what to do. How can I help them without making it seem like I think they need my help? -increasingly concerned

Increasingly concerned, When you really care about someone and you see that is concerning. Don’t go head in just be there and support them. Tell them things like I’m glad we’re best friends. When they have there walls up sometimes they just need space. Your friend might just be faking and that’s….. as harsh as this sounds life is a game and that game has many acts. Acting is a skill they learned early. Slowly try to get them to open. Sincerely Hugo