Ask Hugo

I’m writing to see if you actually answer…. I’m a shadow character I’m popular but lately I feel like there’s nothing worth living for. What an I thinking saying this I have no clue I just don’t understand anymore. Please help…. -Freaking out here!

Freaking out here, I just want to find you and give you a hug. When your not in a great space things seen dark and difficult but if you find something you like and keep going it helps so much. Like if your reading a book and it leaves you on a cliffhanger you stay to know what happens it keeps you going. If you feel depressed or just need to rant to please come and talk to me I’ll always answer even if it’s something you might think is trifle.

So I’m kinda crushing on this girl but she doesn’t seem to catch my hints we’ve been friends for years our parents are best friends and when I finally had courage to tell her she introduced her new boyfriend to me. What do I do? -conflicted friend

Dear conflicted friend, you only live once so go and tell her your feelings. Do the really cute once upon a best friends relationship thing you see on tv shows. If you don’t take the risks you will always wonder what could have happened.

I have a group of friends and there’s this one guy that likes me and I’ve told him I see him as a friend but lately he’s been really creepy take pics of my snaps that I send to everyone it shows he saved then to his camera roll. I haven’t brought it up and I’m scared to confront him. -grossed out gal

Grossed out gal, That’s sketchy if you don’t ask then there might be some missed communication but I can see the situation from both sides. Find him and talk about it and see what’s actually going on.

I like this guy, and nobody knows, but one of my best friends has a MAJOR crush on him, and will hate me if I say I like him too. Lately he’s been talking to me more, but I don’t think he likes me back. Advice anyone?!? -Too much tea!!!

Dear Too much tea, that is a lot of tea to take in… is the boy more than your friendship. If he’s giving you the wrong sighs then confront him and see what’s going on.