Meanings and Symbols of 10 Ordinary Flowers

According to these are the meanings and symbols behind these 10 common flowers. 

  1. Geraniums – Geraniums are symbols of friendship and foolishness. 
  1. Irises- They are signs of faith/hope, wisdom, and royalty.
  1. Lilies- Lilies mean rebirth, motherhood, love, good luck, and renewal.
  1. Marigolds- Marigolds can mean many things. Some of their symbols are remembering the dead, having good relationships, and being affectionate.
  1. Orchid- Orchids are signs of charm, love, beauty, and refinement. 
  1. Petunias- Petunias mean anger, resentment and being comfortable around somebody.
  1. Poinsettias- They are a modern symbol of Christmas. 
  1. Roses- Roses are symbols of romance. The meaning of roses can change based on their colors.
  1. Sunflower- Sunflowers are often seen as symbols of friendship and positivity.
  1. Tulips- Tulips mean charity, passion, royalty, and perfection.