Will You Fall Victim to Seasonal Depression This Year?

The season is changing yet again, the leaves turning brown and falling off the branches, school bells ring throughout the town, and the wind has a cold bite to it. We have now entered an alternate universe. 

       After one of the hottest summers to a chilly morning and cold nights. What happened? The sun is slowly betraying us for the next 6 months. Every leaf is following the sun; turning reds, browns, yellows, and oranges then falling off the tree branches never to be seen again. 

       Some people are excited for the months ahead with snow and the bitter cold to keep us company while others would rather have it be 100 degrees out by the lake. The sun shining bright or the sun hiding behind the thick snow clouds. 

        Now the question to ask yourself, are you happy or sad about this change? If you’re happy that’s great! You’re enjoying the rain and harsh bite in the wind. The beautiful colors of leaves change and the crunch of leaves under foot. 

        On the other hand, if you’re not enjoying the change it’s going to be a harsh winter for you. You are probably the person who likes the heat and the afternoons burning in the sun. 

        Now I want you to answer these questions. Have you been feeling sad, unmotivated, losing interest in favorite activities, low energy, experiencing appetite changes, and having difficulty concentrating? These are all examples of seasonal depression. 

        A lot of people feel this around fall and winter time, seasonal depression is totally normal. 25 million people get the winter blues, people tend to mistake seasonal depression with unmotivation. 

         Now you’re thinking, “how do I get rid of it?”. Self care is the best way to get yourself feeling a little back to normal. By this I mean, trying new things, trying exercising at least 3 times a week, and pushing yourself to new limits. 

    Positive activities make the mind feel better. I hope you get out of this depressed state and enjoy the heavy snow clouds.