The Ultimate Game

I FOUND IT!!!  The ultimate game….   chick.. ens.

I love it, you love it, everyone loves it. Most people will say its stupid and they’ll never play it. However, as soon as they play it they just can’t stop. I haven’t seen my friend for 3 weeks now. 

The game is called Egg Inc. When you get the game it’ll show you a cheeky intro then you start on a regular egg farm. Tap the red button and keep on upgrading till you have the last egg. The game isn’t hard in any way, it’s just addicting. Each egg you get has a limit and that’s why you would prestige to get soul eggs which are the main money maker so you can get past the limit, “soul eggs are the main earning bonus.”

Now it’s time for me to brag. I’ve been playing this game for a while and I’ve made a little bit of progress. Don’t worry, it’s not hard to get to my level, you just gotta play it. In my game of Egg Inc. I have all Chicken Universe for housing, all Hyper loop trains for Shipping, and a casual 2,101,291,671,866,292 soul eggs. Oh I almost forgot… I have a the last spaceship. Did I mention it has space exploration in it?

Get the game (it’s free) I can promise it’s worth it. I want someone to walk up to me and show off their chickens.