Marvel Branches off with an Amazing Series

Loki is a post- Avengers/Avengers Endgame superhero series with six episodes. When the Avengers travel back in time to retrieve powerful artifacts called the Infinity Stones, they interfere with the timeline. This allows Loki to grab the Tesseract and travel out of New York and out of the hands of the Avengers at the end of the very first Avengers movie. Problem is, Loki wasn’t supposed to grab the Tesseract and disappear, so when he did he attracted the attention of the TVA (Time Variance Authority) and they abducted him. The TVA is hidden outside of time and space, and they keep the flow of time going the way it’s “supposed” to go. When things happen that aren’t supposed to happen it causes a branch in time, which the TVA enters and “prunes”, erasing the reality before it deviates too far from the proper flow of time.

        One of the things that we get introduced to in Loki is the Multiverse. We get introduced to this when we learn that there are more universes on top of the one that we all know. We get told this by a man known only as “He Who Remains.” This is a variant of Kang the Conqueror, a major Marvel villain in the comic books. His purpose is to maintain the proper flow of time so that evil variants aren’t allowed to exist.

        The other thing we get introduced to in Loki is variants. Meaning in one universe we have the Avengers, but in another universe they also have the Avengers. Variants are basically the same person but different in some way. For example: we have Loki, but in another universe they would have a kid Loki.  Something I liked about the Loki series was that we meet new characters and a possible new villain.