The Chains Know; An Unwelcoming Cave in Nevada

    The Horton Mine in Nevada is an abandoned mine that was revisited by Frank in 2013 and has come back around in 2021. Frank explores abandoned caves and dangerous places out of pure curiosity. This one encounter was different, there was something that made him turn back.

     While first adventuring into the cave, iron bars opened at the front like a praying mantis taking its victim. As Frank went in, he noticed the water was trapping toxic gasses and if the water was to be disturbed, he could have been in danger. As he cautiously made his way into the cave, he noticed chains hung from the ceiling like lights.

     Frank, having little to no fear, adventured back into the cave about 40 feet. He looked around for a moment before seeing something in the back. A chain flung back and forth all on its own, no other chain was swinging as aggressively. At first it looked like a draft of wind. Frank started to get a little nervous as he felt something unwelcoming come his way. After a moment to himself, Frank decided it’s best to leave, whatever was in the back, warning him to stay away.