Juab’s One True Rival

Our lovely social media team decided to post a poll on our Instagram (@jhsclarion) trying to find out who our true rival is. Is it the headstrong North Sanpete? Or maybe it’s the aggressive Morgan? There was only one way to find out. We immediately got our social media team to work. 

A few days later… the results were in. We sat down and tallied the results. All but one voted for the same school. We held our breath and announced that North Sanpete was the winner! Our rivals through and through. 

However, what about that one voter? The only person who dared to vote for someone else. What did they say? Who do they think our foe is? Well… that person said that our rival is “your mom.” Nice. We approve of your mom jokes here at The Clarion.   

That concludes our conquest to find our one and only nemesis. The Dr. Doofenshmirtz to our Perry the Platypus. The Voldemort to our Harry Potter. The Joker to our Batman. Being our rival doesn’t mean we don’t love them, but we sure do love to win.