Charming Choir Concert

Over the years Juab Highschool has had many fabulous choir concerts for students and families to come and watch, this year we’ve added another one to the group. 

On Monday, October fourth, Juab Highschools concert choir was joined by the general choir and musical theater class to present a wonderfully entertaining concert. 

The concert started out with a performance of a Les Misérables medley by the Musical Theater class, choreographed by Emmy Fechner. Pressley Hair, Hannah Echols, Jacob Hanks, Jackson Hanks, Junior Hosea, Jacob wall, and Leah Thorn had marvelous solos, and the rest of the class was a part of the hard working ensemble.

Both the Concert Choir and General Choir sang an assortment of beautiful songs with students performing amazing solos throughout. Their next concert will be their Christmas concert in December; so if you want to listen to some fun songs, go and support!