Licking the Devious Lick

Ah yes. The devious lick trend. It’s all fun and games, until someone gets caught. This trend is spreading across the country, and schools are having to pay for the consequences whilst trying to stop the devastating effects of the devious lick trend.

On September 1st, 2021, TikTok user jugg4elias uploaded a video, showing a box of masks. The caption read, “A month into school… absolutely devious lick.” 

Other TikTokers quickly took action and began to steal other items from their schools. All videos that followed would always have the hashtag “devious lick” or anything close to the same title. It got out of hand, and soon enough, schools had to take action. Students are now being charged for the damage of property and vandalism. 

But, in this dreaded time of destruction and despair, others have stepped up and taken action. The counter-attack on the devious lick has been named the “angelic yield.” Students have hidden money, replaced toilet paper, and have done whatever they can to replace the damage left behind. 

We’ve encountered a similar event at Juab; it was the first and the last devious lick that will ever be at our school. But this is up to you, Juab! We must be the ones that hold ourselves to a high standard and be the school we want to be!

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