Seini Tuiasoa

Seini Tuiasoa is, as she likes to call herself, a “senior citizen” from Juab High School. Her main focuses include meeting deadlines, developing new passions, creating valuable relationships (ya know ;), and having a blast her last year of high school!! Just kidding, she’s not that fun. Seini’s hobbies are mostly those of a lazy person, like herself, which includes watching too much TV, jamming out to music, singing anywhere without an audience, and late night drives. On a better note, Seini works on balancing life and work, which she believes is an immensely significant goal everyone, in and out of high school, should constantly work toward. As a newcomer to The Clarion, Seini hopes to edit and write exciting articles on student life in Juab High School. Most importantly, if you need someone to talk to about anything, please try to find Seini; she loves listening and making new friends.