Terror Between Towns

Deer are terrifying! Between each town there is plenty of road for the deer to roam. This article is just a little tale about the stretches of road between Nephi, Mona, and Rocky Ridge. I wanted to put this on the Clarion because I feel like there are few people that can agree with what I’m saying. If you don’t know then know this: deer can make the drive peaceful to terrifying in just seconds. Be careful and keep your head on a swivel… it might just save you.

Going home used to be a nice and relaxing drive… a little time away from everything. All that changed one night coming home from play rehearsal. It was a late night, rehearsal ended around 11 o’clock. There were 5 people in the car. We were all having a great time singing and laughing on the way home. Then it all happened. Two deer came out of nowhere and we hit them both. In one second fun changed to pure terror. The two girls were freaking out, one of them started crying, and the boys were looking at the car to see if it was okay. Everything was fine and we finished the drive home, but it took a week to get the jumps out. 

A year later I was driving to hang out with a friend. We wanted to start the day early at 4 in the morning. It was a peaceful drive; calm cool breeze, nice and quiet, even some birds chirping. I looked ahead and saw a motorcycle and thought nothing of it. That quickly changed. His light was blinding and it was the only thing I could see. The next thing I knew I hit a deer… and my truck was making a loud rubbing sound. I killed the deer and the deer tried to kill my truck. I got out my truck, the deer looked like a pretzel and my front bumper and driver side wheel were practically one.