Successful Girls JV Tennis Tournament

The JV tennis tournament is the last tennis match for all of the junior varsity tennis girls. They get to play multiple games against multiple different teams. They keep playing until they lose twice or win first, second, or third place.

This year Juab’s JV girls tennis team had very successful results at the tournament. Juab Freshman Nataya Day took 4th place in lower singles. 

Sophomores Rylee Ludlow and Hannah Rock had 3rd place in sight but lost 3-6 in a very close match. 

Linsey Watson (Junior) and Lydia Guerra (Senior) got 2nd place in doubles. 

And last but not least, Juab Seniors Emma Gardner and Brooke Richens took first place overall in doubles. 

Congratulations to all the girl’s who played in the tournament, you all did great!