Are You Cuckoo For Crumbl Cookies?

 Nation’s fastest growing cookie company goes viral all around America! Now open for two and a half years, Crumbl has provided so many varieties of cookies to these cookie crazed fans. Sawyer Hemsley, founder of Crumbl, had this brilliant idea just by switching out ingredients to make cookies and asking random passersbiers which cookies they liked better. Then, having over one million followers on TikTok his cookie business became a sensation!  

       Ambree Nielson, one of our juniors here in Juab High school, has dad and uncle own a Crumbl Cookie in San Diego, California. She said that she goes to California pretty frequently and she loves it! “It’s super fun but also harder than you would think!” she said.

       With new cookies each week with their signature chocolate chip and their classic sugar cookie, I highly recommend trying it out and telling all your friends about the world’s best cookies.