The secret to Sadies!

  Sadies! Sadies is similar to the Hunger games, a fight for the boys. Every girl as soon as homecoming is over already has their game plan to ask a boy to be their sadies date!  It’s always a race of who can get to the door first! 

     Sadies is a fun time where girls have the option to ask someone they like or have an interest in. They get to wear matching hoodies with their date, it’s one of the reasons why sadies can be so much fun! It also gives boys the opportunity to take a break and have some fun while a girl takes them out. 

     But this year we are switching things up! In past years we usually hold an activity that people and their date can come to but nobody ever comes. So, this year we will be having a STOMP the night before the day date. Girls will be able to take their date to a dance then the next day they’ll  have the entire day to spend on a day date with their date.