New Bell-Not Cool Bro, Or Is It?

What do you think about the new bell? Not cool, right? Or is it? At first glance, the new bell change seems like nothing more than a simple sound change, but there’s more to it than just a change of audio. I went around and talked to some of the staff here at Juab and asked some questions that the people needed to know.

  • What Do You Think About The New Bell?
  • Why Was It Changed?
  • Do You Miss The Old Bell?
  • What Feedback Have You Received About The New Bell?
  • Do You Know of Any Plans to Bring Back The Old Bell?
  • Whose Choice Was It To Change The Bell?

Although these questions and the responses of three of our amazing staff here at Juab: Karla Wright, Jennifer Christensen and Mr. Langford, we found out that the new bell wasn’t just a sound change, but an entire system change. Our old bell system was as old as this building, very outdated, and an overcomplicated system. This new bell is an entirely new system according to those previously listed staff members. It functions significantly better than the old bell system, but also has more functionality than the old did.

After interviewing the staff I asked some fellow students about their opinions on the new bell system. The questions I asked were as follows:

  • What do you think about the new bell compared to the old bell?
  • Do You Miss The Old Bell?
  • Do you think new bell was a bad choice?
  • Did you know that the bell change was more than just a sound change?
  • Do you think they should have fun with the customization and make custom bells sounds?
    • If so should they do it everyday or just Fridays?
    • What Should They Change It Too?
  • What is your opinion about the new bell now that you know more about it?

The responses to these questions I found, everyone was just as clueless as I once was about the new bell, everyone one else thought that it was just a sound change, but once I asked them if they knew that the bell change was more than just a sound change, they were confused. After explaining their opinions on the new bell, they had seemingly changed, and now there are only negative feelings towards the new bell was just the current sound.