The Children’s Justice Center is Looking for Donations

The Children’s Justice Center is a small building just north of the taco shop on main street. Their mission is to help children who are victims of abuse. Kids can go there, share their story once, and get legal help and therapeutic help. This is a fantastic organization, but unfortunately they receive very little funding.

They would like to put together gift bags for their clients with comfort items and activities to pass the time, but they don’t have the money to purchase the needed items. They’re reaching out to the community for help, and they’ve put up a donation box at all of the schools in Nephi and Mona. The Items they need are children and adult coloring pages, activity pages like crosswords and sudoku, colored pencils, gel pens, cool stickers, embroidery floss, and friendship bracelets. The box at the high school is located in the office, so if you have any of the items and would like to donate you could help them a ton.