Kylee Underwood

Kylee is very excited to be starting her senior year at Juab High School! Kylee’s focus this year is to make school a fun and exciting place to be at. A place where people can feel safe and welcomed outside of their homes. Some of Kylee’s favorite hobbies are dancing with her team. Kylee is really excited for her senior year and what her team will accomplish this year. Another hobby of Kylee’s is spending time with friends and family. They mean everything to her, always good times and good laughs. Kylee has loved planning all the school events as the schools Activities Manager along with the help of her other SBO’s.  When she’s not doing anything school related Kylee loves to be outside on some sort of adventure. Kylee joined the newspaper staff because she would love to help everyone know more about what our school has to represent and the opportunities we have here to give.