A Week Full of Events During Homecoming Week

The most exciting week of the year at Juab High School, Homecoming Week! A day where everyone who’s attending Juab High can come together to show school spirit for our school. A time where seniors represent, juniors learn to rise, sophomores still observe, and freshmen learn to try. 

We start off the busy week ahead of us with powderpuff. Powderpuff brings out the best competitiveness in each grade. All girls fight for the victory of being the winners. Football players try to show their skills of being the coach instead of the player.  Freshman have no clue what they got themselves into. Sophomores think of a game plan to try and make themselves better this year. Juniors are ready to try and win the seniors. Seniors have the mindset of taking the win as the oldest. 

Tuesday begins, Pep Rally day is here. SBO’s preparation from weeks in the past is finally coming to realization. Seniors and Juniors prepare for the big annual “soccer” game. Where older classmen push and shove the younger classmen knowing, that was once them one day. We hear from all the team captains and how their season and team is doing. Watch each grade come together with their classmates and try to win the rally races. Juab Provita performs along with Cheer and Stunt doing as always an amazing performance. But, we can not forget the Brovita team, every year they get better and better with their performances as they put on a good laugh and smile for each person. 

J…H…S! Volleyball is always a fun sport to watch and voices to be heard loudly. We’re all closed inside the gym where voices can be heard with no speakers ever needed. The SBO and Cheer Team lead us in cheers to keep up the spirit for the volleyball team! 

Boot the Bunnies! Soccer always puts all they got out on that field as they go against the delta rabbits. They win the excitement of their upcoming games! 

With Nebo on the left and Red Cliffs on the right there’s no better place to be on a Friday night! Homecoming football game! The stands are filled whether it be parents and family members there to cheer on. Student section is ready to cheer loud! Everyone is excited to watch the football team beat the Delta rabbits! 

Saturday, a day full of adventure with your homecoming date! Memories are made with friends as everyone has a good time. Girls get to wear their stunning dresses, and guys with the matching ties. Boutonnieres and corsages are ready to go. The DJ is ready for all the excited students.