Boys Golf

The Juab High School boys golf team has been highly successful in years past, and we are looking forward to another great season! We have many great players on the team, who all do their best every time they play. 

       The team consists of Kaine Blackham, Weston Bosh, Cayden Chidester, Nicholas Elbert, Connor Hooper, Logan Jones, Kauner Kay, Kayson Keyte, Jalal Khan, Houston Lunt, Kayden Lynn, Brodie Ostler, James Rosenbeck, Zack Saez, Mckane Tolley, and Maddox Whiting. 

       The last high school tournament, which was in Nephi, went extremely well for Juab. We won by 4 strokes, thanks to the work of Jalal Khan. When asked if anything out of the ordinary happens at these tournaments, he said, “people break their clubs out of anger sometimes.” The tournaments have been going well for Juab, although we lost the first 2 to Union.

      Jalal stated that the team’s main competitor for region will be Union, as they have performed incredibly well in the past tournaments. The previously mentioned home tournament that happened recently, however, was against Union, and Juab’s golf team won. This means that we will definitely have a chance at winning region

      According to Jalal, we may even do well at state, if not take the victory. Although there are many good players on all the teams, Juab’s team has eight very good varsity players this season, which is the most we’ve had in a long time, according to Jalal.

       Kauner Kay, one of the team’s best players, won the amateur national long drive tournament, which is for some of the best young golf players in the nation, and had a tournament the next day. He came back to Nephi and only got two hours of sleep, and still placed second in the local tournament, which took place at Union. This is just one of the many impressive feats that have taken place among the boys golf team. 

       There are three tournaments left in the season before state, and we are looking forward to successful players fighting hard for Juab High School.