Y’all Ready for This? It’s Homecoming!

The hallways are covered in cheesy posters, the lunchroom is full of lazy seniors, and the teachers are calling us by our older siblings’ names. School is officially back in session, and that means it’s time for homecoming! This year’s homecoming week goes from August 30 to September 4, and it is jam-packed with fun activities to show off your school spirit. The theme for the week is “Home Sweet Homecoming,” but each day has its own dress-up theme, lunchtime activity put on by the student government, and activities after school.

Monday’s theme is “Juab Roads, Take Me Home,” and the dress-up is western. For lunch the seniors are going to put out cornhole boards and hand out Cowtails as prizes for playing. At 6:30 we are holding the Powderpuff game out on the football field. Powderpuff is a fun tradition where girls from each grade come and play flag football against each other as the guys cheer from the stands.

On Tuesday we’re going to get those good vibes going so come to school decked out in flower shirts and tourist gear for the “Home Away From Home” theme. Junior class officers are going to hold a limbo game and a hula-hoop contest at lunch and voting for homecoming royalty is going to wrap up by the end of the school day. At 7 the SBOs are going to hold the Pep Rally on the football field, after which the seniors are going to get candles and “light the J.”

I hope you’re feeling patriotic on Wednesday, because the dress-up theme is “Land of the Free, Home of the Wasps.” The sophomore class officers will be playing musical chairs in the lunchroom, and after school there is a whiteout volleyball game against Union, “Whitewash the Cougars.” The game will start at 6:30 and afterwards the student body officers will have powdered donuts for everybody.

Thursday will start out bright and early with Senior Sunrise at 6:45. Seniors can come and meet at the football field for some nostalgic cereal and cartoons before school. The theme for the day is “Homies,” so dress up with all of your friends. The freshman class officers will be setting up a marshmallow dodgeball game outside during lunch, and at 3:30 the girls soccer team has a home game against Delta. Come out in your cowboy boots to cheer on our girls as they “Boot the Bunnies.”

Homecoming week will almost be over but we still have one more day of fun on Friday. The theme for the day is “No Place Like Home,” (Do you see the pattern here?) so come show all of your school spirit with your pit shirt and other Juab gear. The SBOs will be giving out creamies at lunch, and the seniors are going to be excused just before noon to go and whitewash the J up on J Hill. If you are a senior, remember to bring a five-gallon bucket on Friday, as well as clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on. After school, of course, we have the homecoming football game! The theme for the game is “Rock the Rabbits,” so bring your leather jackets and crazy wigs and dress up like a rock star. There will be pizza and Pop Rocks at the tailgate at 5:30, and the game starts at 7:00.

Finally, we are going to end the week with, in Professor McGonagall’s words, a night of “well-mannered frivolity.” Saturday is the big dance—no, not the basketball one—so after a day of wallet-draining fun we’re all going to meet outside of the main entrance to the school at 8:00 and dance the night away. The cost will be $20 per couple and $10 per single.

I feel bad for whoever has to put all that together because that sounds like a lot of partying to cram into one week, but it is going to be a blast and a half. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to get started. “Ain’t no party like homecoming week ’cause homecoming week don’t stop!”