ACT Requirements

In 2020 many colleges and Universities waived the requirement of an ACT or SAT score for admission.  The ACT and SAT scores were also not required for scholarships. This was due to the many testing centers that were closed because of the pandemic.

At Timpview High School in Provo, my aunt and several other teachers at that school administered the ACT test.  She had students from all over the country show up. Many students couldn’t find anywhere near home to take the test. So they literally drove or flew to Utah to be able to take the ACT test. 

 Even though many testing centers have reopened many Colleges and Universities have stopped requiring ACT and SAT scores. Southern Utah University dropped the ACT/SAT requirement for admissions and Scholarships.  University of California’s system has nine Universities and none of them will require SAT/ACT.  The schools that no longer require the ACT and SAT scores have many more people apply to go to school there.