Tanner Gardiner: Artist of the Month

Quote from Tanner Gardiner “Things that inspire my artwork are mostly science fiction movies and TV shows. I started off doing Ceramics I this year and found that I enjoyed it. I continued in Ceramics II for the rest of the year. The first big project I did while I was quarantined and spent several hours creating a dinosaur. During that period I learned to move the clay the way that I wanted to create something amazing. After I gained confidence from that project I decided to go bigger and made a Star War’s Mandalorian helmet that took 2 weeks of sculpting. I think it would be cool to do ceramics in college.”

Mrs. Carter said, “Tanner is one of the hardest workers I have seen. He is very dedicated to producing the best quality that he can. He researches his characters and isn’t afraid to try new things.”