Soccer Takes First Postseason Dub

Juab Boys Soccer is a relatively new program. 6 or 7 years ago it was a club that wasn’t a part of the Utah High School Activities Association. Since then, they have been slowly pushing through the ranks of 3A getting better records every year. At the end of the 2021 regular season they tied their best record ever at 0.500 (7-7) and got placed into the tenth seed for the state tournament.

Yesterday, they were matched up against 7-seed Carbon in the first round of the playoffs. The game was at the campus of USU Eastern in Price. They played a fantastic game, taking Carbon to double overtime with a goal a piece. Our one goal during regulation was scored by Kevin Mendes. At the end of the second overtime they began their penalty shots. For those of us who aren’t aficionados of the beautiful game, at the end of double overtime each team picks out five shooters. They take turns kicking penalty shots and the best of five goals wins.

Juab and Carbon were neck-and-neck in the penalty shots; Ryker Richards, Jake Peterson, and Austin Cobian all made their shots to put us at three to three with Carbon. Both teams missed their fourth shots, but Gage Olsen scored on the fifth goal to finish out the five penalty kicks still tied with Carbon. Damian Reyes scored on the sixth shot, putting us up 5-4 against Carbon. If the Carbon player made their goal they would continue to shoot back and forth, but if they missed it the game was over. Our goalie, Wyatt Cunningham, made an amazing save and the team stormed the goal. It was a historic event for Juab Boys Soccer: their very first playoff win. Now they face off against two-seed Delta next Wednesday at Delta. Good luck guys!