2022 Applications for Sterling Scholars

If you are looking to be a Sterling Scholar next year, look no further. Click on this link sites.google.com/juabsd.org/sterlingscholars to go and apply. 

These are applications for 2022, and they are due Thursday, May 6th @ 3pm. Make sure that you take the Journalism 2 Class from Mrs. Settle, especially for the second semester.

Why should you apply?

Taylor Johnson, the Sterling Scholar for Family and Consumer Science said, “It’s a good experience to meet new people. Essays and interviews for college applications are a lot easier. Plus the Scholarships themselves are nice.”

Genika Allred, the Sterling Scholar for Music talked about performing. “Normally, we get to perform in front of a Judge, but this year, I was able to record in advance, which was nice.”

Sydney Samuelson, the Sterling Scholar for English and Literature, commented on the advantages. “If you do it your senior year, it helps you apply for colleges, just because they use a lot of the same essays. It also builds your interview skills. And, if you win, you pretty much get a full-ride scholarship to any school in the state.”

There are a lot of pros to being a Sterling Scholar. And it all starts with the application. So go ahead and click on the link above to start filling out your application for next year.